Updating R Version Without missing packages


Jihong Zhang


April 29, 2018

After updating to new R version (4.5) from old version, you have to re-install all packages by default. However, there’re some solution for that.

1 Unix (MacOs, Linux)

1.Create a new folder in home directory to store the packages. Sometimes, you need to change the permission level for this folder, or R may not have access to write this folder. Rlibs is a special folder where you can store all you packages.

sudo mkdir ~/Rlibs

2.Edit the .Reviron file in your home directory (“~”) (create a new file if you don’t have it). Add the code below to let R know where is the installed Packages. R will read the configuration in the background from the path “~/.Reviron”.


3.Re-install you packages. After that you shall see your packages are stored in Rlibs folder.

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