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Apr 15, 2024 Simulate response patterns under the framework of IRT We need to pre-specify a (item slopes) and b (item intercepts). mu (factor mean) and sigma (factor correlation) are optional. R, Simulation, Mirt 6 min
Apr 15, 2024 Create a ChatGPT chatbot for personal website AI products powered by Large language models (LLM) are getting more and more popular in many field. AI agents using ChatGPT can serve as an assistant or efficient workers… Quarto, ChatGPT, AI 2 min
Apr 13, 2024 Large-Scale Assessments using EdSurvey R Package W_{final} = \frac{1}{P_{school}*P_{student}*P_{adj}} R, NAEP, Tutorial, EdSurvey 1 min
Apr 4, 2024 How to choose network analysis estimation for application research Multiple estimation methods for network analysis have been proposed, from regularized to unregularized, from frequentist to Bayesian approach, from one-step to multiple… R, Bayesian, Tutorial, Network Analysis 21 min
Mar 15, 2024 How to use Julia in Quarto This post illustrates how to use Julia to create a gradient descent algorithm. What has not been introduced, however, is how to perform the data analysis using Julia in… Julia, Quarto 5 min
Mar 10, 2024 Observable JS in Quarto document The documents regarding how to use Observable Javascript in Quarto is extremely lacking. Two main sources for this topic are and quarto dashboard. OJS, Quarto 2 min
Mar 10, 2024 Tips about Git and Github This happens when I want to pull the remote repo to local but I have some random changes at local. Those random changes should be discarded but using git pull makes those… Git, Github 6 min
Mar 5, 2024 How to use BGGM to Estimate Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Models This is a quick note illustrate some importance functions of BGGM and illustrate them using one or more example(s). R, Bayesian, Tutorial, Network Analysis 4 min
Mar 3, 2024 Setting up the cursor movement keys in iTerm2 on OSX This orginal post is from here. iTerm2, Terminal 2 min
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