A tutorial for forester R package


Jihong Zhang


June 28, 2023

Workflow of forester
R Code
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE, message=FALSE, warnings=FALSE, include = FALSE)
options(knitr.kable.NA = '')
mycolors = c("#4682B4", "#B4464B", "#B4AF46", 
             "#1B9E77", "#D95F02", "#7570B3",
             "#E7298A", "#66A61E", "#B4F60A")
softcolors = c("#B4464B", "#F3DCD4", "#ECC9C7", 
               "#D9E3DA", "#D1CFC0", "#C2C2B4")
mykbl <- function(x, ...){
  kbl(x, digits = 2, ...) |> kable_styling(bootstrap_options = c("striped", "condensed")) 

As contributors of the R package said in their github website:

“The forester package is an AutoML tool in R that wraps up all machine learning processes into a single train() function, which includes:”

In this blog, I will introduce forester package as a case study using a simulation example and a real example.

graph TD;
    A[data check]-->B;

2 An example

First of all, forester::check_data is a very convenient function to glimpse the data for data analysis. By default it will output a “CHECK DATA REPORT”, including some data quality checking list, meanwhile it will also do Spearman correlations.

R Code
check_dat_res <- forester::check_data(iris, 'Species')
 -------------------- CHECK DATA REPORT -------------------- 
The dataset has 150 observations and 5 columns, which names are: 
Sepal.Length; Sepal.Width; Petal.Length; Petal.Width; Species; 

With the target value described by a column Species.

✔ No static columns. 

✔ No duplicate columns.

✔ No target values are missing. 

✔ No predictor values are missing. 

✔ No issues with dimensionality. 

✖ Strongly correlated, by Spearman rank, pairs of numerical values are: 
 Sepal.Length - Petal.Length: 0.87;
 Sepal.Length - Petal.Width: 0.82;
 Petal.Length - Petal.Width: 0.96;

✖ These observations migth be outliers due to their numerical columns values: 
 16 ;

✖ Multilabel classification is not supported yet. 

✔ Columns names suggest that none of them are IDs. 

✔ Columns data suggest that none of them are IDs. 

 -------------------- CHECK DATA REPORT END -------------------- 
R Code
 chr [1:38] " -------------------- **CHECK DATA REPORT** -------------------- " ...
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